Hoffmann + Krippner “Future Talk”: A sustainable path to a better future

Networking in the foyer at H+K

Top speakers, a full house, bright sunshine, lively discussions and a key topic that is currently driving all industries globally: The 4th “H+K Future Talk” was, like the previous events, a complete success. The customers and experts in attendance passionately discussed the questions: “Can digitalization be sustainable?” and “How can a circular economy work?”. Conclusion […]

2024 a year with new challenges, prospects and opportunities

Binoculars with mountains in the background

The new year brings an economic slowdown in some sectors. Despite all the crises, some promising new projects allow us to look to the future with confidence. 2023 was a very intense and eventful year for Hoffmann + Krippner. Looking back, however, we successfully mastered the many challenges together.

3 good reasons to rely on Hoffmann + Krippner for the development of input systems

Employee constructs on PC

There is hardly an industrial sector that can do without innovative input systems: touch displays, membrane keyboards, complete HMI solutions – the selection and areas of application are as diverse as they are comprehensive. And one thing is absolutely clear: Many applications simply cannot be implemented without suitable, reliably functioning input systems.

Join in for Girls’ Day 2023

GirlsDay Flyer

April 27, 2023 is Girls’ Day at H+K again! On this day, girls in fifth grade and above can learn about four apprenticeships they may not have thought about. We provide insights into the day-to-day work of a screen printing media technologist (m/f/d), an electronics technician for devices and systems (m/f/d) and a machine and plant operator (m/f/d). On Girls’ Day, it’s time to get to work! Three girls can actively participate and test their skills.

The year of the training fairs

drei Mitarbeiter von H+K stehen am eigenen Stand auf der Ausbildungsmesse

Looking for the perfect career start? At many regional training fairs, students can get to know us and learn all about internships, training and studies.

Industrial controller wins iF Design Award

Hoffmann + Krippner - IF Design Award 2022

The product designers and developers of our group of companies successfully participated in this year’s renowned IF Design Award design competition. The product design for the AC500 eCo V3 PLC industrial controller was worthy of an award from the top-class jury.

Why membrane keypads are the right choice right now

Hoffmann + Krippner - Finger actuates membrane keypad

Non-functioning or interrupted supply chains, long waiting times, material bottlenecks: Hardly any industrial company is not affected by the current procurement crisis on the world market. The electronics industry in particular is suffering from the current shortage: a wide variety of components are currently difficult or even impossible to supply. According to experts, it is not yet possible to predict when this situation will improve noticeably. We, too, are dependent on the reliable procurement of elementary assemblies, especially for our solutions for input systems in the HMI area.

What to do when electronic components are not available?

Hoffmann + Krippner - HMI with electronic board

Almost all companies in the electronics industry are affected: Various electronic components, from ICs to displays, are currently difficult or impossible to procure. The whole industry is struggling with material shortages. So do we.

tap2.cloud – More than a digital nameplate

smartphone scans digital nameplate

Simply network added values! tap2.cloud is more than just a digital nameplate: HK SYSTEMS makes product identification smart and digital, opening up a whole world of new possibilities in demanding industrial environments. In close cooperation, the partner companies HK SYSTEMS, Hoffmann + Krippner and Connect One have developed a system within the technology network to […]

Subsidiary company ROBIOTIC at LogiMAT

Robiotic Logo and LogiMAT Logo

Our subsidiary ROBIOTIC will present itself together with the companies Solconia and Indutrax at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from March 10-12, 2020. Hall 6 | Booth D-76

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