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The year of the training fairs

Looking for the perfect career start? This year, students can get to know us at many regional training fairs and learn all about internships, training and studies.

By participating in a wide range of training fairs, we take the opportunity to introduce our company to schoolchildren and young people. This is not only about the possible apprenticeships and their content, but also about our corporate philosophy. As a family business, we rely on a family working atmosphere and togetherness for success. We are happy to exchange initial information about our training opportunities with interested visitors and also provide advice on questions relating to everyday working life, our company, the application phase and everything else that is important for interested parties.

Why students should visit us at a training fair

We, at Hoffmann + Krippner place particular emphasis on recruiting new trainees. Therefore, this year we would like to take advantage of the training fairs in our area in order to give the students the opportunity to get to know our company for the first time.

Attending education fairs can offer some benefits for students:

  • Informal first contact with our company
  • Exchange with our trainees
  • Insights into our apprenticeships, degree programs and corporate culture
  • Non-binding interview with the possibility of directly submitting your own application

All interested parties can find us at the following training fairs:

15.03.2023, Wednesday
(Nibelungen Hall)

18.03.2023, Saturday
(Walter Hohmann School Center)

24./25.03.23, Friday + Saturday
(City and sports hall)

New contact person for our trainees, students and all those who want to become one!

Fabian Friedrich has been strengthening our HR team since February 2023. He takes care of the apprenticeships at Hoffmann + Krippner and is the contact person for all interested parties at the apprenticeship fairs.

“My name is Fabian Friedrich, and my goal is to help young people choose a suitable apprenticeship and orient themselves for their future careers. I have been visiting training fairs for many years and support the establishment of a network between schools, students* and the company. I look forward to many conversations at the upcoming training fairs!”

From internship to apprenticeship

An internship at Hoffmann + Krippner not only provides an insight into the work and our company, but also helps our interns to gain their first practical experience in the various professions. In the process, they learn various skills and basic knowledge of working methods in order to successfully and efficiently start an apprenticeship. We give the students an insight into different departments of Hoffmann + Krippner and support them in orienting themselves in their professional future.

An internship at Hoffmann + Krippner can be used for students and trainers to get to know each other for the first time. This allows the interns to build trust and togetherness with our company even before they start their training.

Training at Hoffmann + Krippner

We have been active in vocational training since 1972 and train around 20 apprentices and students in our company every year. We give them an insight into all departments of our company, so that they get to know not only all colleagues, but also the processes and products of Hoffmann + Krippner. We do everything we can to ensure that our trainees feel comfortable during their training and complete it successfully. To guarantee successful completion, trainees have permanent supervisors on hand to answer any questions or concerns they may have. We, at Hoffmann + Krippner support our trainees with regular trainee meetings, where all trainees, students and trainers meet to exchange information, as well as with get-to-know days and trainee excursions.

We make sure that a “togetherness” is created from the very beginning!

Our apprenticeships from A-Z

We are offering interesting and diverse training courses again this year.

  • Industrial clerk (f/m/d)
    From the purchase of goods to sales and marketing. Your area of responsibility is wide-ranging and offers you a lot of variety in your day-to-day work. Do you enjoy working with people and numbers? Then you’ve come to the right place!
  • IT Specialist for System Integration (f/m/d)
    Your heart beats for numbers and technology? Then start your training as an IT specialist now and take on a wide range of tasks, from looking after the company network to carrying out fault diagnosis and rectification.
  • Electronics technician for devices and systems (f/m/d)
    Through the training you can become a professional through manual dexterity and technical understanding. The scope of an electronics technician’s job is broad and includes areas such as manufacturing electronic assemblies, programming and configuring systems, as well as working with technicians, developers and engineers.
  • Media technologist screen printing (f/m/d)
    As a media technologist, you work at the heart of our company and are surrounded by our fully and semi-automatic screen printing machines. During your training, you will learn to understand the colors, perfect the printing process, and quickly identify and correct the smallest errors.
  • Machine and plant operator (f/m/d)
    When the machine needs attention again, our machine and plant operators are on the spot! From set-up, commissioning, planning and preparation to checking the finished results, our trainees accompany the machine and help to ensure that the production process runs smoothly.
  • Technical product designer (f/m/d)
    Customer contact, technical understanding and creativity are on the daily agenda of the technical product designer. He is responsible for the implementation of customer ideas, the creation of design drawings and models to the selection of the right materials and application of standards and assembly techniques.

You can also find out more about apprenticeships at Hoffmann + Krippner on our apprentices’ Instagram page at hk_azubis find

Study with Hoffmann + Krippner

Hoffmann + Krippner also offers students the opportunity for dual studies. In doing so, we combine theoretical learning at the university with practice-oriented work in our company, thus enabling students to enter the professional world at the same time. Our students complete their theory classes at the dual university in Mosbach. In contrast to full-time studies, the dual study program at Hoffmann + Krippner has the advantage that students gain immediate insights into working life and can gain professional experience.

Our study places

  • International Technical Sales Management (Bachelor of Engineering)
    In order to successfully market complex products and services, industrial companies need sales staff with not only a commercial but also an engineering background.
  • Industrial Management (Bachelor of Arts)
    In the Industrial Management degree program, students acquire all the necessary knowledge to take on management tasks and achieve a qualified specialist career in an industrial company with a focus on specialist and management tasks. From the basics of business administration to industrial management in a national and international context, everything is included.
  • Mechatronics (Bachelor of Engineering)
    Today’s engineers require interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in a wide range of disciplines and are constantly expanding these throughout their careers. As a cross-sectional technology, mechatronics combines, among other things, the central competencies and skills from various engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
    Electrical engineers have daily contact with a wide range of technical subjects and use their knowledge of mathematics and science to master the demands of the engineering profession. In their everyday work, they need to draw on many theoretical principles and deal with many areas, from electrical engineering, electronics and information processing to sensor technology, electrical drive technology and much more.
  • Electrical Engineering – Infotronics (Bachelor of Engineering)
    With the focus on infotronics, the electrical engineer becomes part of the information flow. With his knowledge, production plants and processes are designed to be more intelligent and conserve resources. The interdisciplinary understanding of information management helps him to shape and implement the technological and social trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Data Science and AI in the company.

You are interested in an apprenticeship, a study or an internship? Then get to know us at the next training fairs in the region. We look forward to seeing you!

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