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Saving lives with the corpuls patient monitor

Medical Technology

Every day, patient monitors and defibrillators are in use to save lives. Each of these medical devices is operated by humans and always requires a user interface. corpuls relies on our dependable and durable membrane keypads.

Siemens Medical Technology_600

Reliably operating Siemens medical devices

Medical Technology

Flawless technology that functions at all times is an absolute must for every medical device manufacturer. It was for a reason that Siemens AG relied on Hoffmann + Krippner as a partner in the development of a flexibly usable remote control unit for its devices.

Hoffman + Krippner touch system in rehabilitation device in gym

Back in top shape with the pelvic floor trainer

Medical Technology

In addition to flexible membrane keypads with integrated sliders, Excio now also uses touch panels for its pelvic floor trainer. The touch system is not only modern and user-friendly, but the sealed glass surface makes it quick and easy to clean after a workout.

foil potentiometer medical technology

Sensors support the training of motor skills

Medical Technology

Modern therapy concepts for maintaining and restoring motor skills require individually adapted approaches. As part of the development of the Armeo®Spring, an arm and hand therapy device for stroke patients, reliable, accurate and individually adjustable displacement and angle sensors with a small footprint were needed to implement the system.

Stimulation current probe for veterinary medicine

Gentle medical treatment of farm animals

Veterinary Medicine

Medical treatments or grooming procedures can sometimes be dangerous for both animal and human. In order to put the animals in a relaxed state for the duration of the treatment, the stimulation current probe “Gentler” was developed with our operating film.

Hoffmann + Krippner - Touch panel in the driver's cab in railroad technology

Operating high speed trains reliably


Every day, more than 40,000 trains bring millions of passengers from A to B or goods to their destination. All these trains have a variety of controls and displays in a single cockpit. Together with Siemens Mobility, we equip these cockpits with customized, robust touch panels.

Hoffmann + Krippner - Pistenbully in use

Safely through ice and snow with the Pistenbully


The modern PistenBully model series from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG covers all areas in classic winter sports. As part of a comprehensive modernization of the mechanics as well as the design, we developed and produced a central operating unit with CAN bus connection for operating the vehicle electronics and hydraulics of a snow groomer.


Intuitive operation of precise alignment systems

Measurement and testing technology

The ROTALIGN Ultra laser-optical precision alignment device from Prüftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH reliably prevents misalignment and achieves precise alignment of machines. For the alignment system, we have developed an intuitive and reliable control unit with alphanumeric input and backlighting, which is dustproof and splashproof according to IP65.


Handheld lifts loads to a comfortable working height

Mechanical Engineering

Efficient production logistics save costs and time and provide relief for employees. Lifting equipment is used to conveniently bring loads to a comfortable working height and create ergonomic workplaces. For the company Waize Engineering we developed and produce a robust and illuminated complete handheld device to control a lifting device.

Smart operating concept for state-of-the-art injection molding machine

Mechanical Engineering

Operating units for injection molding machines must be safe and intuitive to use at all times. The traditional Swiss company NETSTAL relies on a smart operating concept of touch and haptic keys for its high-performance injection molding machines and system solutions

Control panel on injection molding machine
Human operates control unit on CNC machine

All-in-one control panel for CNC machine control

Mechanical Engineering

The right CNC control for every need and every budget: BWO Elektronik ‘s modular control concepts offer just that. At BWO, there is nothing off-the-shelf: engineering and software of the control concept are adapted to the requirements of the machine and user. Our customized front panel of touchscreen and switches ensures optimal machine operation.

Hoffmann + Krippner - Touch system in automation technology

Intelligent process control

Automation technology

With intelligent regulation and control systems, STANGE Elektronik constantly increases productivity of its customers in heat treatments. We support them with customized multi-touch systems in various sizes for a wide range of industry applications.

Finger taps on capacitive keyboard

Hygienic HMI solution in food production

Food industry

Reliable and easy-to-use operating and control elements with a surface that is easy to clean and resistant to chemicals were sought for the development of new machines in the areas of conveyors, sample preparation, grain acceptance and quality control. We have developed a capacitive HMI solution.

building automation

Moovement – Move walls at the touch of a button

Food industry

Rising rent and increasing population density require new innovative housing concepts. For so-called micro-apartments, a fully equipped apartment is to be created in an area of max. 30m² with the help of movable walls. The walls are moved with our control unit using sensor-controlled lighting and bus connection.


Info terminal and charging box for e-scooters combined in one device

Electrical engineering

Maintaining an e-scooter fleet without an appropriate network of charging stations is expensive and not profitable. The start-up Leon Mobility has set itself the task of expanding the use of small electric vehicles in cities. For this purpose, we developed an intelligent charging station together with Leon Mobility, which also provides real-time information for citizens at the same time.

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