Medical Technology

HMIs and sensor technology in medical technology

Many physicians, medical professionals, and accompanying healthcare professionals overcome significant challenges on a daily basis. In order to ideally take care of our health and save lives, they are supported by medical devices. These must be simple, intuitive and, above all, safe to use. We know what matters when it comes to HMIs and sensor technology for medical technology and support you in the development and production of reliable operating concepts. With our quality management according to DIN EN 13485 and our development-accompanying consultations, we lead your medical product to a successful approval according to the Medical Devices Act and the Medical Devices Ordinance.

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Certification 13485

In addition to our many years of know-how in medical technology, we also demonstrably meet the high requirements of the extended quality management according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

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Long life

We rely on high-quality materials, certified suppliers and manufacture exclusively at our site in Buchen. This enables us to guarantee durable products of high quality for medical technology.

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Disinfection + Cleaning

Our film and glass surfaces can be easily treated with cleaning and disinfecting agents. In-Mold Decoration and antimicrobial decoration films provide your HMI with extra protection.

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Glove operation

In order to be able to operate your PCAP touch system smoothly even with thin medical gloves, we make the appropriate software settings.

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EMC compatibility

With EMC coatings and shielding, we protect your and surrounding equipment from electromagnetic interference and unwanted influences.

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Outdoor use

For medical devices in outdoor use, we develop individual protection and sealing concepts according to IP protection classes and select robust and UV-resistant materials.

Our solutions for medical technology

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Industry know-how and successful projects in medical technology

Together with our customers, we have already successfully implemented several projects in medical technology.


Saving lives with the corpuls patient monitor

Medical Technology

Every day, patient monitors and defibrillators are in use to save lives. Each of these medical devices is operated by humans and always requires a user interface. corpuls relies on our dependable and durable membrane keypads.

Siemens Medical Technology_600

Reliably operating Siemens medical devices

Medical Technology

Flawless technology that functions at all times is an absolute must for every medical device manufacturer. It was for a reason that Siemens AG relied on Hoffmann + Krippner as a partner in the development of a flexibly usable remote control unit for its devices.

Hoffman + Krippner touch system in rehabilitation device in gym

Back in top shape with the pelvic floor trainer

Medical Technology

In addition to flexible membrane keypads with integrated sliders, Excio now also uses touch panels for its pelvic floor trainer. The touch system is not only modern and user-friendly, but the sealed glass surface makes it quick and easy to clean after a workout.

foil potentiometer medical technology

Sensors support the training of motor skills

Medical Technology

Modern therapy concepts for maintaining and restoring motor skills require individually adapted approaches. As part of the development of the Armeo®Spring, an arm and hand therapy device for stroke patients, reliable, accurate and individually adjustable displacement and angle sensors with a small footprint were needed to implement the system.

Stimulation current probe for veterinary medicine

Gentle medical treatment of farm animals

Veterinary Medicine

Medical treatments or grooming procedures can sometimes be dangerous for both animal and human. In order to put the animals in a relaxed state for the duration of the treatment, the stimulation current probe “Gentler” was developed with our operating film.

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