Hoffmann + Krippner

Input made better

Input made
unique + fitting

Input made
simple + safe

Input made
smart + intelligent

Input Systems

Membrane switches, touch systems with optical bonding and complete solutions according to your ideas.

Printed Electronics

Potentiometers, printed pastes and inks for custom functions and electronic assemblies.


Connecting sensors, input devices and industrial electronics to the internet via mobile communications.

10-point checklist

Use our 10-point checklist to compare different manufacturers of input systems and find the right supplier for your requirements.

Our know-how

We combine traditional manufacturing processes with innovative technologies of the future. Benefit from our many years of experience and know-how: from design and development to prototyping and series production.

Product Design
3D printing
Electronics manufacturing
Optical Bonding
IP protection concepts
Screen printing
100% testing
Aerial view building Hoffmann + Kripper

Our mission

is to develop and realise the right interface between man and machine.

To this end, we combine traditional manufacturing processes with innovative technologies of the future and rely on reliable sources of supply. This way, we create high-tech products from the Odenwald for companies worldwide.



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The right solution for every industry

Our industries are diverse. From medical technology to aerospace, we develop custom input and sensor solutions for our customers.

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We are a family business in the beautiful Odenwald and
offer you a job for life.

Employees of Hoffmann + Krippner show different workplaces

What sets us apart

Made in Germany

Hoffmann + Krippner brings the best of German engineering to customers all over the world: high-performance products characterized by maximum precision, accuracy and a long service life.

Customised solutions

All of our products are unique. A huge range of functions and design options meet demanding and unusual requirements. Sealing and protection concepts round off the service.

Individual consultation

Comprehensive consultation and support for our customers is our top priority. We support you in the conception, development or redesign of your product, precisely tailored to your requirements.


Benefit not only from products “Made in Germany”, but also from certified quality (ISO 9001) and environmental awareness (ISO 14001), as well as safe processes for manufacturing your medical products (ISO 13485).

Note on file naming

To ensure that your files can be transferred and processed by us without any problems, please observe the following instructions:

  1. Avoid spaces: Use underscores (_) or hyphens (-) instead of spaces.
  2. Use dots sparingly: There should be no dots in the name except before the file extension (e.g. .jpg).
  3. Avoid special characters: Characters like &, %, $ and # can cause errors.

Thank you for your understanding.