...down to the smallest detail

Hoffmann + Krippner manufactures on an area of more than 7,000 m² at the location in Buchen in the Odenwald. Quality is the prime directive for the company management. Besides screen printing, the company’s pride and joy is electronics manufacturing and optical bonding.
Get an impression of Hoffmann + Krippner here. The professional working environment with process-controlled manufacturing procedures ensures the exceptional properties of our products.

Aerial view Hoffmann + Krippner

You have the requirements. We have the know-how.

Product Design

Each finished product represents the culmination of many complex processes involving a variety of people, technologies and actions. As a partner from prototype to series production, we help transform unfinished ideas into marketable products. Our expert designers and developers can take the pressure and complex coordination out of product development.

Many of our customers know what they want, but they may not have the skills or staff in-house to design, prototype and test their vision. For us, product design and prototyping is part of a normal workday. With years of experience, we transform your idea into a finished product.

If the product is right, we produce in any desired scale, from small series to large series. Our goal is: Everything from a single source!

Note on file naming

To ensure that your files can be transferred and processed by us without any problems, please observe the following instructions:

  1. Avoid spaces: Use underscores (_) or hyphens (-) instead of spaces.
  2. Use dots sparingly: There should be no dots in the name except before the file extension (e.g. .jpg).
  3. Avoid special characters: Characters like &, %, $ and # can cause errors.

Thank you for your understanding.