Measurement and testing technology

Precision and reliability are in demand in the measurement and testing technology sector. To achieve this, the control unit must be easy and intuitive for the user to operate. Visually and haptically contrasting buttons or easy-to-read touch displays ensure user-friendly usability. Measurements themselves can also be carried out using our printed sensors.

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Flexible installation

You can choose between different installation options: glue, screw or plug. Or we can take care of the installation for you and integrate your HMI or sensor directly into a suitable housing.

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Intuitive operation

Raised or recessed key surfaces through embossing, GT-Dome or In-Mold Decoration enable optimal finger guidance. The user can operate the measuring device blindly and concentrate fully on the measurement.

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Shock and vibration resistant

Through robust designs and materials, we make your HMI or sensor solution shock and vibration resistant. If you wish, we can also carry out the relevant tests and provide the associated documentation for you.

Our solutions for measurement technology

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An example project in measurement technology

Together with our customer, we successfully implemented an HMI solution for measurement technology.


Intuitive operation of precise alignment systems

Measurement and testing technology

The ROTALIGN Ultra laser-optical precision alignment device from Prüftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH reliably prevents misalignment and achieves precise alignment of machines. For the alignment system, we have developed an intuitive and reliable control unit with alphanumeric input and backlighting, which is dustproof and splashproof according to IP65.

Note on file naming

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