Networking in the foyer at H+K

Hoffmann + Krippner “Future Talk”: A sustainable path to a better future

Top speakers, a full house, bright sunshine, lively discussions and a key topic that is currently driving all industries globally: The 4th “H+K Future Talk” was, like the previous events, a complete success. The customers and experts in attendance passionately discussed the questions: “Can digitalization be sustainable?” and “How can a circular economy work?”. Conclusion of the successful event: Hofmann + Krippner can no longer imagine the business location of Buchen without the “Future Talk”.

Our Managing Director Frank Wahlandt and the marketing organization team led by Coralie Cicolelli were delighted with the guests: over 20 participants and top-class speakers transformed the H+K Foyer into a lively forum for an entire day with an in-house exhibition, lively discussions, exciting presentations and an inspiring outlook for the future.

Dr. Linnemann gives lecture on digitalization and sustainability

Our agenda for the day’s topic

A big thank you to all the invited experts who gave very entertaining presentations on the following topics:

  • “Can digitalization be sustainable?” – Speaker: Dr. Anja Linnemann | MDZ (Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum) WertNetzWerke
  • “Becoming sustainable with a circular economy: Strategies, opportunities and practical examples” – Speaker: Florian Witt | Indeed Innovation
  • “Sustainable input systems: from development to delivery” – Speaker: Alexander Häfner and Dominik Wegert | Hoffmann + Krippner

Lectures, networking, discussion round

The breaks between presentations were used for intensive networking with delicious catering. Not only there, but also in the concluding discussion round, all participants passionately exchanged views on the questions that are obvious when it comes to the day’s topic of “Sustainable towards a better future”:

  • What opportunities and risks does digitalization offer companies and users?
  • Can digitalization be sustainable at all?
  • Is a circular economy possible without weakening the economic potential of the companies involved?
  • How can circular strategies create sustainable value?
Florian Witt gives lecture on circular economy
H+K employees give lecture on sustainable input systems

The results of the day

The results impressively demonstrated how important the topic of sustainability has become for every company:

  • Digitalization and sustainability are not a contradiction
  • An efficient circular economy and an accompanying comprehensive resource strategy are feasible and the basic prerequisite for sustainable management
  • The global goal: The transformation from a linear economy to a functioning, sustainable circular economy
Panel discussion at the H+K Future Talk
Employee explains a membrane keypad to customers
In-house exhibition at H+K in the foyer

After the event, Frank Wahlandt drew a satisfied conclusion: “It was good to see how much the topic of sustainability, which affects us all, is now also present in companies of all sizes in almost all areas. And that’s a good thing: a functioning circular economy is a major challenge but also an economic opportunity. Circularity is not forced, but something natural: it always occurs when resources become scarce. A procedure that was already practiced in earlier times – and has lost none of its relevance.”

The 5th “H+K” Future Talk is already being planned and will once again feature what has now firmly established it within our industry: New concepts that may not yet be widely known, but are highly innovative and will shape and change entire industries in a few years’ time.

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