Decoration at the anniversary celebration

From a small contracting company to an internationally renowned technology company

50 years of Hoffmann + Krippner – 50 years of joint success!

True to the motto: 50 years of Hoffmann + Krippner – 50 years of joint success – we celebrated our 50-year history in our warehouse in a relaxed atmosphere, together with our employees and partners, company pensioners, representatives of partner companies and the Münster and Paderborn sites. The combination of experience and future orientation as well as the importance for the entire business location Buchen: These points were praised in particular by the guests of honor present, such as District Administrator Dr. Achim Brötel, Mayor Roland Burger, Volksbank representative Karin Fleischer, and Benjamin Laber, Deputy Mayor of the City of Buchen. All of them were convinced that the 50 years so far are only the starting signal for much more to come.


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On the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary, Hoffmann + Krippner looks back to the past and looks to the future

In his laudatory speech, Frank Wahlandt first looked to the past and thanked senior boss Fritz Krippner and shareholder and current managing director Ralf Krippner: “Both stand for humanity, justice and a clear stance. Ralf Krippner has also proven over the past two decades that he has a flair for the digital trends of the future, which can be implemented here in our Odenwald region for the entire world.”

During the evening, the managing directors Ralf Krippner and Stefan Kieser gave a review and outlook on the development and future of Hoffmann + Krippner. In line with the outlook, Krippner announced colleagues Frank Wahlandt (authorized signatory, head of “Partner + Market”) and Thomas Grimm (authorized signatory, head of “Product”) as managing directors from August this year. They will lead the company successfully into the future.

Dues honors of the jubilarians

During the anniversary celebration, the following employees were subsequently honored amidst many great, entertaining program items:

For the year 2020

10 years: Martin Engler, Sabrina Schultis

20 years: Heike Apiarius, Ludmilla Baal, Daniela Hirsch, Petra Kern, Tanja Schott

25 years: Silvia Ackermann, Erna Hinz, Jutta Müller

30 years: Elisabeth Böhrer, Ludwig Haas, Michael Kemmerer, Andreas Sauer

35 years: Margit Molzer, Volker Münch

For the year 2021

10 years: Angela Besherz, William Graf, Elisabeth Hollerbach, Petra Hornsberger, Regina Kalinovski, Mathias Schork, Tatjana Svezhintsev, Alexander Wagner, Susanne Wegner

20 years: Harald Amann, Christoph Czernik, Ralf Krippner, Lilia Monsch

30 years: Oliver Berner, Ira Laber, Olga Löwe-Krahn, Sabine Post, Johann Salmen

35 years: Lothar Heffner, Wolfgang Wiessner

For the year 2022

10 years: Valentina Klingbeil, Jürgen Martin, Matthias Proksch, Sascha Weimer, Florian Zöller

25 years: Helene Derzapf, Anna Imhof, Heike Kiepsel, Inge Kocholl, Lydia Koczwara, Harald Münch, Ingrid Seitz

30 years: Martina Leiblein

35 years: Lothar Bechtold

For the year 2023

40 years: Sylvia Kaiser

Many thanks to all helpers and guests for the extraordinary evening!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the helpers and organizers, as well as all the guests who made this wonderful celebration possible in the first place. We keep this extraordinary celebration in fond memory and look forward to the coming years full of joy and joint successes.

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