Two girls on Girls'Day hold a membrane keyboard in their hands

Girl power on Girls’Day 2024

A total of four girls visited us on GirlsDay in April 2024 and learned about four technical professions. A great opportunity to break down prejudices, discover talents and gain new perspectives.

On this day, the schoolgirls were able to get to know four exciting training professions that they may not have thought about before. We provided insights into the day-to-day work of a screen printing media technologist, an electronics technician for devices and systems, a machine and plant operator and a technical product designer. Girls’ Day is all about getting stuck in! All girls can actively participate and test their skills.

In our electronics department, the girls learned how to solder components onto a circuit board and in our screen printing shop, all four were able to print their own stickers. The next stage was the design department, where the documents for the company’s own name badge were created on the computer. The girls were then able to make their self-designed name badge in our workshop. To this end, they learned how to set up and operate the machine.

Many thanks to the motivated girls who supported us so diligently!

What is Girls’Day?

Girls’ Day is a career orientation day that takes place once a year. All girls from the fifth grade onwards can take part. This day is a great initiative for girls and young women to get a taste of professions and industries that are traditionally dominated by men. Because the world needs strong, self-confident women who courageously take their place and shape the future.

You can get to know these professions with us

Media technologist screen printing:

  • Set up, operate and change over screen printing machines
  • Understanding, mixing, processing colors
  • Check and control print results

Electronics technician for devices and systems:

  • Manufacturing , assembly and soldering of electrical components
  • Programming and configuring systems
  • Fault diagnosis and repair

Machine and plant operator:

  • Setting up, operating, retooling and maintaining machines
  • Commissioning of new machines
  • Planning and preparation of work processes
  • Control of the results

Technical product designer:

  • Turning customer ideas into reality
  • Insights into the programs Solid Edge and Corel Draw
  • Creation of construction drawings and models
  • Selection of the right materials
  • Application of standards and assembly techniques

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