2024 a year with new challenges, prospects and opportunities

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The new year brings an economic slowdown in some sectors. Despite all the crises, some promising new projects allow us to look to the future with confidence. 2023 was a very intense and eventful year for Hoffmann + Krippner. Looking back, however, we successfully mastered the many challenges together.

What to do when electronic components are not available?

Hoffmann + Krippner - HMI with electronic board

Almost all companies in the electronics industry are affected: Various electronic components, from ICs to displays, are currently difficult or impossible to procure. The whole industry is struggling with material shortages. So do we.

What benefits and competitive advantages do smart HMIs offer?

Hoffmann + Krippner - smart HMIs with NFC technology

In our article “How OEMs can easily digitize their products with smart HMIs”, we looked at how tap2.cloud technology makes ordinary HMIs smart, how the technology works, and what features it enables. Admittedly: Machines and systems with cloud connectivity are nothing new today. However, digitization has hardly been implemented in German SMEs yet. With the integration of tap2.cloud into your operating units, you can easily get started with digitalization.

How OEMs can easily digitize their products with smart HMIs

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Are the devices and machines you produce ready for the future? When manufacturers build machines, whether for use in the home or in industry, users today expect smart and user-friendly functions. With tap2.cloud, we offer just such a smart solution for OEMs. By integrating an NFC chip into the HMI of your machines and devices, you have the option of digital labeling and identification. In addition, many other functions and added values can be linked to the NFC chip. You decide which services you want to offer your customers.

tap2.cloud – More than a digital nameplate

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Simply network added values! tap2.cloud is more than just a digital nameplate: HK SYSTEMS makes product identification smart and digital, opening up a whole world of new possibilities in demanding industrial environments. In close cooperation, the partner companies HK SYSTEMS, Hoffmann + Krippner and Connect One have developed a system within the technology network to […]


tap2.cloud for Industry 4.0 Hard-to-decipher paper labels are a thing of the past with tap2.cloud. We digitize your nameplates, also according to DIN SPEC 91406, and create a future-proof and resource-saving solution. Automatic multilingual information that can be retrieved on a daily basis replaces time-consuming paper documentation that accompanies products. With the HK.SYSTEMS GmbH and […]

Optical Bonding

LOCA or OCA Bonding? We rely on two proven bonding techniques for optical bonding. Liquid bonding, also called LOCA, is used to bond rigid surfaces. Sheet adhesive lamination, known as OCA, can also be used to bond flexible surfaces. Both procedures are performed under clean room conditions to prevent air and dust entrapment. blank LOCA […]

Note on file naming

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