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Simply network added values! is more than just a digital nameplate: HK SYSTEMS makes product identification smart and digital, opening up a whole world of new possibilities in demanding industrial environments. In close cooperation, the partner companies HK SYSTEMS, Hoffmann + Krippner and Connect One have developed a system within the technology network to offer your customers and especially their customers considerable added value.

nfc tag

What is

With, you tag and identify your machines and devices using RFID/NFC technology. The transponder is integrated directly into your operator front and can be read quickly and easily via an NFC-enabled smartphone. In combination with the innovative Connect One® Cloud, the system even meets the special requirements of a digital nameplate according to DIN SPEC 91406. This allows you to manage all nameplates securely and in real time, and retrieve statistics at any time.

To enable customers or service technicians to quickly access information such as operating instructions or warranty information, we have developed the Connect One® app. In the web app, the desired information is individually linked and presented in an appealing and user-friendly design. Many other services, such as the linking of a spare parts store, can also be offered. The app opens via the browser and requires no prior installation.

The Connect One® app provides more clarity and can be designed according to your wishes.
In combination with the Connect One® Cloud, even meets the requirements of DIN SPEC 91406.
The RFID/NFC transponder is integrated into your operator front and can be read via smartphone. for Industry 4.0

We digitize your nameplates and make hard-to-decipher paper plates a thing of the past. With, we create a future-proof and resource-saving solution for all industries. Automatic multilingual information that can be retrieved on a daily basis replaces time-consuming paper documentation that accompanies products.

Membrane keypad with NFC technology

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Read more in our technical article “ from HK SYSTEMS: More than a digital nameplate”.

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