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Sensors for entrance and gate technology


Various sensors are used today for position detection in the door and gate area, from simple limit switches to precise position sensors. The differences in the sensor used result from details about the available installation space and, of course, from commercial considerations.

The ideal sensor must continuously output a signal over the entire path, it must not require a large installation space, and it must always be interesting from an economic point of view.


Linear Sensofoil® foil potentiometers for lengths up to 760mm (optionally longer) with an overall height of 0.5mm can detect almost all sliding doors. These Sensofoil® film potentiometers are available as standard solutions according to the data sheet, as Sensofoil® Hybrid for long service lives or contactless in the magnetic version.

Circular Sensofoil® can be attached directly at the point of action. This always records the actual position. A sensor, e.g. on the motor, can thus be omitted. Sensofoil® can also detect the position in the locking system of doors and windows. If, for example, Sensofoil is printed on a circuit board, Hoffmann + Krippner can also take over the assembly of the circuit board as an option.

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