Stimulation current probe for veterinary medicine

Operating foil for veterinary medicine


To protect animals and humans during difficult or dangerous medical treatments and care procedures, the stimulation current probe “Gentler” was developed. The device is used, for example, for hoof care. Where previously restraint with clamping scaffolds or the use of medication were usually necessary to immobilize the animals for the duration of a measure, the “Gentler” offers a safe and gentle alternative for the protection of animals and humans. It stimulates the animal’s nervous system through an electronic pulse in which the ergonomically shaped tip of the probe is inserted rectally into the animal. Subsequently, the stimulation current pulse can effectively immobilize the animal by temporarily anesthetizing part of the muscles, which is completely harmless to the animal’s health when used.

K+N SALES UG from Fränkisch-Crumbach was looking for a supplier for a design foil with embossed keys during the development of the “Gentler”. The film is to be used as the user interface of the control panel. Due to the close proximity to Hoffmann + Krippner, the inquiry was discussed in person during a visit to Buchen.


A custom-printed design film with LED windows, embossed key surfaces and adhesive on the reverse side that can withstand high temperature fluctuations (application area Australia).

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