Pistenbully in the snow

Control panel for the Kässbohrer Pistenbully


The modern PistenBully model series from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG covers all areas of application in classic winter sports: from trail maintenance or steep slope preparation to fun park design.

As part of a comprehensive modernization of the mechanics as well as the design, Kässbohrer commissioned Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH with the development and production of operating elements for controlling the vehicle electrics and hydraulics of a snow groomer by means of a central electronic unit via CAN bus connection.

A control panel was to be developed as a comprehensive and central control unit for most vehicle functions, as well as two additional smaller control units in the steering wheel. It should be possible to operate the device without any problems in all climatic conditions, both during the day and at night, and even when wearing gloves.


Here, the entire experience of more than 40 years of engineering was required from the Hoffmann + Krippner specialists. This highly demanding task was implemented by designing a membrane keypad on an epoxy circuit board with gold-plated contact surfaces and a venting system for the keypad chambers to equalize pressure when the snow groomers are used at different altitudes. A schematic image representation of the entire vehicle on the control panel and different colored buttons for different function groups ensure intuitive operation. The panel was supplemented by rows of keys with individual slide-in pockets for additional machine functions that can be added individually.

The keyboard was constructed with a front foil using the GT technology developed by Hoffmann + Krippner. Thus, different key buttons in shape and size could be realized. The finished control panel was extensively tested in negative pressure and cold chambers for later use.


Drivers of the PistenBully from Kässbohrer can use the intelligent input systems entirely according to their individual needs and preferences. Hoffmann + Krippner input systems are maximally reliable even under the most adverse conditions.

Self-explanatory and intuitive controls and a touchscreen make handling particularly easy for the driver. The entire vehicle is shown schematically as an imprint on the control panel. Whether at high altitude with low air pressure or at extreme temperatures in ice and snow: Hoffmann + Krippner enables a reliable operating unit for all operational situations.

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