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5 reasons: Why customers always have their finger on the pulse with H+K

There are many reasons to choose a supplier. Sometimes it’s personal and historical, sometimes it’s simply the physical proximity. And yes, of course quality and reliability play a major role. However, all of this only has a truly resounding effect when an important component is added: the ability to “read” the market and translate this into disruptive, forward-looking projects.

This blog text is about exactly that: we outline 5 reasons why our customers always have their finger on the pulse and are at the cutting edge of current technical developments with services and products from Hoffmann + Krippner. And how they can secure their competitive edge!

1. strong development capability

Standing still is not in our DNA. Even though H+K can already look back on 50 years of company history: We are not resting on our laurels. Over the past decades, we have often adapted to changing market conditions – and will continue to do so. We want to keep developing: with the right personnel, the right technologies demanded by the market, even more know-how and a constantly growing machine park geared to the latest technological requirements. All of this is our long-term security guarantee for our customers: We are extremely capable of development and will still be the right partner for sustainable growth in a few years’ time.

2. high vertical range of manufacture

This is an important factor that should not be underestimated. To put it simply, we take care of many steps within a project ourselves, in one place – from planning and consulting to development and design, production and the necessary test procedures. This gives us a huge advantage: we always retain full control over the individual project phases and can implement changes and adjustments flexibly and quickly at any time. Layout changes? Component shortage? Delivery problems with individual components? No problem, we will quickly find alternative solutions as a team. And don’t forget: In this way, we make a whole lot of transportation routes superfluous – and thus save energy and costs.

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3. comprehensive know-how

H+K stands for a high level of expertise and extensive specialist knowledge: built on over half a century of experience, guaranteed by our experts for all possible technologies. We know the status quo, in theory and in practice. This is the only way we can live up to our own standards: Providing our customers with the best possible advice, online with a sample case and also physically on site. No matter what challenge our customers come to us with: It is highly likely that we have done something similar before. The list of many successful reference projects speaks for itself.

4. high product and service quality

Our customers benefit from certified, durable quality (ISO 19001) “Made in Germany”, from a high and forward-looking level of environmental awareness (ISO 14001) and, last but not least, from safe processes, for example for the manufacture of medical products (ISO 13485). It is clear to us that demanding customers and sophisticated applications require the highest possible material, process and production quality.

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5. future-proof with Industrial IoT

We want to make the “input” system not only better, simpler, safer and more suitable, but also more digital and smarter. Our expertise therefore also covers the demanding area of Industrial IoT. Within our technology network, we draw on expertise and many years of experience for holistic IoT solutions. We develop and produce IoT devices, operate the platform for the necessary data and SIM card management, evaluate data intelligently, transfer it to the customer’s system and take care of ongoing operations.

The conclusion of these five points: H+K brings together the decisive elements of the analog and digital world for future-oriented input systems. As a reliable partner, it ensures that customers do not miss out on global technological developments.

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